Insource is the fastest way to find and hire the right talent for your needs

With Insource your HR team can bring your recruitment process in-house saving you precious time and money.

It all starts with a search

You have immediate access to the most comprehensive talent pool including thousands of profiles who you can’t find on LinkedIn or a business website. Our powerful search function drastically shortens the time for talent identification by refining search results quickly using a range of criteria suited to your sector. You can save and share talent profiles identified in searches with your colleagues and managers. You can also customise your search with your own tags so that you have one click access to the kind of profiles you’re interested in.

Find connections in seconds

When it comes to recruitment, it's often about who you know and Insource does all the work for you. Within seconds, you can find people who are connected to people who currently work with you or have previously worked with you. And you can find people who have a connection to your location.

Find the right person for your live role

Set up your live role in Insource and hone-in on exactly the kind of people you are looking for. Maybe you want to find someone who knows one of your colleagues, or someone who has experience specialising in a specific area, or attended a particular University. With Insource you can find what you’re looking for.

Dip into your talent pool

If you're looking for specialists, you need a talent pool of candidates you already know are a great match for your business or are interested in working for you. Insource helps you with easy creation of your talent pool and notifies you as it constantly updates the profiles of people you’ve identified as new and existing talent.

Manage and track your talent

Manage your talent in Insource by adding notes which you can share with colleagues and uploading CV’s of people that you’ve had contact with about current and future roles. Our Applicant Tracking System also allows you to adjust the status of talent and move them through the recruitment process.


You can use Insource to compare the movement and composition of talent in your sector and identify gaps and opportunities, such as flight risks, hiring patterns, and retention rates for your practice. It gives you insights and visibility of your sector that were previously undiscoverable.

A simple platform that was built to help you find, connect with and manage the people you want on your team.