Technology that gives law firms and in-house teams control of their legal recruitment

Across the legal sector, HR teams and hiring partners are struggling to fill live vacancies. Legal recruitment is a real challenge.

Traditional recruitment models are no longer enough.

Insource helps firms and in-house legal teams build relationships with their future talent in advance, before they need to hire. 

Find out how our online platform, can help you take control of your legal recruitment.

How our technology helps

Insource contains a searchable database with up to date profiles of more than 100,000 lawyers with a New Zealand or Australian practising certificate, and all registered legal executives.

With complete visibility of the entire talent pool Insource enables list generation in seconds so law firms, or an Insource freelance recruiter, can quickly identify the right candidates for live vacancies, build future talent pipelines and get insights into the movement and composition of talent.

An Insource subscription ranges from $500 – $2500 per month depending on the size of your firm or legal team. It is the most-efficient way to find and secure the top legal talent in a highly competitive market. Insource puts you in control of your legal recruitment.

Insource Insights

Our Clients

Loved by the best in business

Insource is used by global, top tier, mid tier and specialist firms right across New Zealand and every Australian state

Insource allows us to scan the market and filter by any number of criteria, creating shortlists of potential candidates to support our growth and turnover. It has accelerated our recruitment process and shortened the time to fill roles.
Jon Calder
Insource is user-friendly, easy to navigate and has been a valuable addition to our recruitment strategy. Our team have benefited from having access to a strong search tool to identify candidates, an excellent reporting capability and a functionality that we believe gives us an advantage in attracting great candidates to our firm.
Deborah Stonley
Director of People & Culture, Maddocks Sydney
Insource is a key part of our recruitment process. It supports us to build and maintain connections with key talent in the industry, and further enhances our proactive recruitment strategy
Tessa Sims
People and Culture Manager, Wotton Kearney

New Recruitment Service

Are you struggling to find the time to fill all the live roles in your firm?
Insource Recruitment Partners now available.

A simple platform that was built to help you find, connect with and manage the people you want on your team.