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Are you struggling to find the time to fill all the live roles in your firm?

Insource subscribers can now engage a freelance recruiter to help with any part of recruitment and talent identification process.

Handpicked by Insource founder and former top Australasian search recruiter, Jenn Little, our freelance recruiters are the best in the business. They can help with any stage of the recruitment process from refining a list to prospecting lawyers for a live role through to managing the end-to-end recruitment process through your Insource platform.

Insource unbundled freelance recruiter service:

Time: Whether you have a team but need an additional resource, or have no internal recruitment function, an experienced freelance recruiter can give you time back.

Affordable: At no more than $120 + GST per hour with no commission, you will only pay for the time you engage the freelance recruiter for, rather than a large placement fee.

Intelligence: The information gathered by the freelance recruiter remains in your firm’s Insource platform (not the Recruiter’s database) and can be used now or in the future.

Transparent: A freelance recruiter only has access to Insource through you when you assign them to a role on your dashboard. The inbuilt applicant tracker allows you to keep track of where each candidate is at in a process.

Build your Pipeline: Have a talent pipeline at the ready to fill future vacancies by pipelining talent off the back of live role recruitment.

Our Recruiters

Insource freelance recruiters have all previously worked in HR and recruitment at top tier law firms.

They are flexible, consultative and discreet with extensive experience head hunting and building ongoing relationships with lawyers for future roles.

What our subscribers say

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