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The legal recruitment market hasn’t frozen over just yet

A snapshot of the top six law firms in New Zealand recruitment shows that there is still movement within the legal market and talent is coming from a variety of sources.

Surprisingly, but not unexpectedly, we are already half-way through 2021.  While New Zealand has been back in some semblance of normality for a while now, we only need to look at Australia or India to see how quickly things could change.  But while they remain the same, we’ve taken another quick glance at the known new hires of the top six law firms in New Zealand for the second quarter of 2021 to see where they’re sourcing their talent.

Of the known 20 new hires, the clear majority have come from in-house roles and overseas returnees (5 each), and interestingly almost none of those hires are alumni of those firms.  Encouragingly, there is also some clear movement within New Zealand as the top firms sourced talent from CBD and National law firms (3 each), and 1 each from another top tier firm and a boutique firm.  Finally, there was a Judges’ Clerk and an unknown thrown in for good measure.

While this is only a snapshot of what the top tier firms are doing, it does show that there are still some lawyers who are open to moving roles.  The trick is finding those lawyers and engaging with them on their career and life goals and working in with their timing well before firms have an urgent need.  Our Insource platform can help identify quality talent as the platform can filter by PQE, expertise, current firm, previous firm and current location (among others).  Please get in touch to see a free demo of the platform and/or to discuss your recruitment needs.

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